Performance, Leadership and Success

Mary’s presentation was illuminating and inspiring. Her calm and professional demeanor engaged the audience and provided insightful knowledge when encountering life’s many different obstacles and situations. I would recommend Mary’s services to anyone who is looking to enhance their cognitive abilities and personal outlook on life.

Ely Sanudo

Lead Instructor, Aveda institute

Leadership, Performance and Success

As a mental health counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist, I focus on vocational self improvement, which is to help people to improve their success in their work environment. I will talk about how to create more success, and the challenges you may face and how changing ideas, thoughts and learned behaviors in your subconscious can help you to be more successful in life. There is a part of our human nature that we can effect in a positive way, in order to overcome those limiting beliefs.

 As a subconscious behaviorist, I believe in an idea called a life script. It’s all about subconscious learning. A large part of our day is spent in automatic behaviors. Things we have done so many times that they have become automatic. The way we walk, the way we talk, and the way we think about money and how we are deserving of it. It’s all about a life script.

 In the seminar that I offer, there is a process that I am going to teach you: to take something that you consciously know is in your best interest – that you may have had a hard time actualizing or creating in your life, and help you to learn to create it. 

This whole program is about creating structure within which we can create changes in the beliefs that have been sabotaging your success.

The following are the main areas that I will focus on:


Limiting Beliefs

So, with a focus on behavior, I help people overcome limiting beliefs and ideas that are getting in their way or sabotaging them.



I will teach you to communicate in a more effective way in order to understand a person as an individual. So, rather than communicating with each person in the same way, I explain the differences in the ways different people speak and learn and hear-so that you can modify your approach and become more effective.


I help people to set reasonable goals and to be motivated to achieve them. I introduce the subconscious mind as a “goal machine” and how we can gain the psychological momentum to go beyond the “homeostasis” that has been limiting your success.

Manage Stress

I help people to manage stress. How do you deal with it? Some people have maladaptive behaviors or, behaviors that don’t really serve them. So, I will teach you how to manage the stress better and how to then, turn that into being more confident, have less diminishment of function because: of negativity or stress as opposed to being calm and more clear and focused.


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