Group Guided Imagery

Welcome to Group Guided Imagery for Healing!

I’m here to motivate you to engage your mind, body and your emotions on your healing journey. And I will help you achieve this through focused discussion, guided imagery and exercises in creating calm and relaxation.

My job is to help you to tap into and maintain those positive qualities of patience, discipline, self -care and thoughtful attention to your health.

We are building psychological momentum, as we bring on board our mind and emotions to support your body during your healing journey or treatment plans. I will help you with directing your locus of control back to self. I’ll be your guide.

Intellect opens the door, emotion turns on the light!

When: Saturdays from 4:30-5:30pm

Where:  In person @ 114 E. Haley St, Suite E, SB, CA 93101

                 Online via Google Hangout or Facebook Live

Cost: $35

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I look forward to seeing in group guided imagery!