Cancer Care

Mary’s presentation was illuminating and inspiring. Her calm and professional demeanor engaged the audience and provided insightful knowledge when encountering life’s many different obstacles and situations. I would recommend Mary’s services to anyone who is looking to enhance their cognitive abilities and personal outlook on life.
Ely Sanudo

Lead Instructor, Aveda institute

Cancer Care


 As a a clinical hypnotherapist,  I specialize in medical hypnosis. During a challenging PhD program in London, UK, in the area of philosophy, I encountered some stress related health problems. Ultimately, these health issues taught me the importance of not only dealing with the body directly but also the importance of integrating the mind and the emotions. As a clinical hypnotherapist and guided imagery facilitator, I have assisted many people with these powerful tools and work to empower a better healing effect. I help patients build psychological momentum as we bring on board their mind and emotions to support their body during their treatment programs.

Hypnotherapy is scientifically proven as a powerful adjunctive therapy- applied along with traditional cognitive therapy. With hypnotherapy, we are addressing the potential unconscious ideas, beliefs, and emotions that often limit the patient from achieving optimal medical outcomes or potentials.

I support patients with identifying and balancing psychological factors- such as fears, stress, negative thinking, and worry. These can be replaced with greater calm, positive thoughts and emotions, and the projection of hope into the healing of the body- as well as follow through with the behaviors that support their health by being disciplined and nurturing towards one’s self. Patients learn to identify and modify environmental, occupational, and lifestyle factors. And, for each person that could be different-as with relationships to their work, or with people, or to how they manage stress.

 My role is to motivate patients to engage their mind, body and emotions on their healing journey. And I help them achieve this through focused discussion, guided imagery and exercises in creating calm and relaxation. Acting as a guide, I support patients with engaging in your treatment program, and help them with directing their locus of control back to self. My job is to help patients to tap into and maintain those positive qualities of patience, discipline, self -care and thoughtful attention to their health.

 My recent professional experience includes: working with The Issels Medical Clinic, Santa Barbara, as an independent therapist where I facilitated a weekly “new patient orientation” with a focus on mind body integration for optimal health. Within both private and group sessions, I help patients manage the mental and emotional challenges of their treatments in order to maximize the healing potential. Within this orientation for incoming patients, I described the integration of the medical treatment and the mind body focus, all in support of patient compliance.


Specific things that I can affect positively:

  • Hypnotic Pre and post- surgical conditioning: Clinical studies show that when patients go into surgery calm and relaxed with a positive attitude, they need  less pain medication, they spend less time in the hospital, and they require less post surgical pain management
  • Management of stress– manage and relieve the potential detrimental effects of anxiety  
  • Focus on a positive outcome– by removing negative conditioning, fears and phobias
  • Compliance with the medical program
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about healing


 The following are links/clinical studies that show effectiveness for the integration of hypnosis in cancer care: