Check out this article by the NIH about the integration of hypnosis into cancer care

“There has been widely publicized research on the use of hypnosis with metastatic breast cancer patients. In 1983, Spiegel and Bloom 55 found that weekly group therapy combined with hypnosis was associated with less pain sensation and suffering, and with improved mood, in metastatic breast cancer patients.”


 Hypnotherapy is scientifically proven as a powerful adjunctive therapy- applied along with traditional cognitive therapy. With hypnotherapy, we are addressing the potential unconscious ideas, beliefs, and emotions that often limit the patient from achieving optimal medical outcomes or potentials.

*Many of us need to accept a new purpose-when confronted with a major life challenge- and it may not be about being productive in the ways we were in the past, it is now about self- care and healing- how many people can relate to this?

*I have found in this work that a lot of people don’t give themselves permission to focus on their own healing-  how many people are taking care of everyone else, and not taking care of themselves?

*how many people have negative self -talk when they focus on this condition, or in general about themselves, while working on healing?

How many people can relate to that?

*we learn these ideas-, this internal self- talk, and this is an opportunity to change it! Join me for a weekly online Guided Imagery and Hypnosis for Healing course

Learn to engage the following:

 Breathing exercise- I teach breathing exercises that enable patients to begin to manage and shift out of a stress response and shift into a calming response

Mind/body connections & positive behaviors that correlate with treatment programs and your journey back to health-