“Intellect opens the door. Emotion turns on the light.”

John Melton, Hypnotherapist

Trainings & Seminars: Tools For Creating Lasting Change

As a mental health counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist, I focus on vocational self improvement, which is to help people to improve their success in their work environment.

I will talk about how to create more success, and the challenges you may face and how changing ideas, thoughts and learned behaviors in your subconscious can help you to be more successful in life. There is a part of our human nature that we can affect in a positive way, in order to overcome those limiting beliefs.

Stress Management and Habit Control: Using Hypnosis as a Learning Tool

A recent inquiry has been made into the role stress plays in different aspects of Americans’ lives. The study entitled, “The Burden of Stress in America” conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, together with the Harvard School of Public Health, emphasizes the public’s personal experience of stress, the perceived effects of this and, their methods of coping with their stress. Within this survey, conducted between March and April of 2014, a sample of approximately 2,500 respondents concludes that half of the public reported a stressful event or experience in the last year; claiming health related issues as the dominant factor.

Citing the impacts of stress on health, the survey reveals some significant findings regarding our sleep cycles and the qualities of our thinking and emotional health:

The most commonly reported effect on health among those under a great deal of stress in the last month are bad effects on emotional well-being (63%), problems with sleep (56%) and difficulty in thinking, concentrating or making decisions (50%).
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The Real Question

There really is no question about IF you can be hypnotized. The only question is can we use hypnosis as a tool therapeutically to help you.

My Training

Many consider the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles, California (HMI) to deliver the most demanding and complete college Hypnotherapy training in the world.   HMI was founded in 1968 and was the first hypnotherapy college to become nationally accredited, by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, in Washington, D.C.


“Hypnosis is what I call a consent state.  You must want to be hypnotized and allow it.  When the mind is quieted and the emotions calmed we can achieve a state of mind in which the critical thinking can relax and thoughts and ideas that are in line with what you know is in your best interest can be accepted into the unconscious mind and the old learned conditioning can begin to change.

Why It Works

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all encounter in our lives.  You transition into this state when you find yourself engrossed in a great movie and experience visceral responses in the body and emotional changes in the mind.  Or when you find yourself off in a daydream and then click back into the moment and wonder ‘where did I just drift off to!'” – John Melton, Hypnotherapist
Mary’s presentation was illuminating and inspiring. Her calm and professional demeanor engaged the audience and provided insightful knowledge when encountering life’s many different obstacles and situations. I would recommend Mary’s services to anyone who is looking to enhance their cognitive abilities and personal outlook on life. Ely Sanudo

Lead Instructor, Aveda Institute